Consultation Fees:

Basic consultation: This includes an intake, vision check and refraction, eye pressure check, slit lamp examination and funduscopy (retina screening). You will receive a prescription for medication, contact lenses and/or glasses if needed.  This also includes children who need an exam and vision check under cycloplegia.   (1,300,000,-VND)

Emergency consultation: If you have an emergency, and you would like to see our ophthalmologist before or after office hours, that is possible. You can either ring the doorbell, call us on our regular number or, the best way, send us an email at We will reply very quickly and schedule to see you asap.   (2,000,000,-VND)

Optometry consultation: If you wear glasses or contacts already, and you would just like to check if your current prescription is up to date or needs changing, you can schedule an appointment with our optometrist. If you would like a contact lens fitting, you can also make an appointment with our optometrist.  You will not be seen by our ophthalmologist.   (800,000,-VND)

We do advise first-time users of contact lenses, to check with an ophthalmologist first before a contact lens fitting. Children and adults should have regular check ups with an ophthalmologist to screen for eye problems.